Father of all
Your signature is written across creation
You have fashioned us in your likeness
You have made us to rejoice in your goodness
You have called us to live  together in friendship and love
Our souls long to know you
Our minds search to find you
Our thoughts grow weary
In our search for understanding
Breathe  once more upon us
Bring us to life
Give to us the gift of faith
To seek in order to find

Like the wisemen of old
We are searching for our meaning
Reaching out to the stars
Searching for our tomorrow in space
Following the signs
Still gazing
Looking beyond
To the beyond

Draw us closer to you
Speak to us through your Word
Bring to life the sacred text
as it speaks to us in our daily tasks
Your grace abounds to all
Open our eyes to see
Mercy and grace in the ordinariness of life
Jesus Son of the Father
Lift our eyes from the dust of the earth
to see the glory of your heavens in our everyday lives

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