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The Tree

The tree remembered being planted in the churchyard those many summers ago. For he saw the young daughter of the squire slipping a copy of  that new book on Pride and Prejudice in to wile away the long sermon. This blissful rural scene was oblivious to the battles being fought on land and sea to fence in the tyrant Napoleon.
He brought to mind the parishioners chattering excitedly having been told of a war far away over whether humans could own humans; trees never own each other more than they can own  God’s sunlight.

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Summer tales – Woman on the deck chair

The woman sat on the deck chair looking out to sea. Way out, she saw a ship and imagined it going to the tropics; to the warmth that she had never felt. Now  life had been good to her in a material sense at least. In personal relations she had been less fortunate. In truth, she could buy a gift for anyone but had no one to give it to.

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Communion Express – this Sunday

With the summer communion season upon us, we have our two services this Sunday (28 June). These will be:

  • Communion Express (9.30 a.m.) – short family friendly service in the Hall with music provided by our Praise Orchestra.
  • Parish Communion (11 a.m.) – a service in the traditional style in our beautiful sanctuary.

Come along  and find fellowship at the Lord’s Table

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