earth and mars

First sunset on Mars

astronauts on mars

Looking through Antares’ solar sails, you could just see the Earth. But now, two months into the voyage, humanity’s home planet was no larger than a bright blue pinhead in the black void. If any sight was to make those first colonists homesick, it was that.

But by common agreement they didn’t look back, only forward – forward to the red point of light ahead. Each had also made another and more private choice. Since the Earth at that distance showed no borders, no places of conflict or places of shame. Why then take it to their new home?


So when that historic day, came a month later, when  humans first stood on Mars and watched the sunset through its wispy atmosphere, they saw again the star-like globe arising on their horizon. But now it’s past light was forgotten, it’s present light cleansed and it’s future more shining .


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