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Christ and the Crisis

hands with eurosSo who is to blame for the Greek financial crisis?

Is it Greece itself for spending ‘unwisely’ in the past and being intransigent now?

Or is it Germany saying ‘I want my money back’?

Either way, in the glare of the 24 hour media, it is easy to be taken into the whole jet-setting spectacle like the World Cup or Wimbledon. But then we  forget not the star players but the hamburger seller and stand sweeper. We disregard the ordinary people try to live through their day with fears for tomorrow and maybe genuine want today. We  pull away from how Jesus saw needy individuals not big data. We forget human beings in a way that Psalm 146 did not:

The Eternal frees those who are imprisoned;
He makes the blind see.
    He lifts up those whose backs are bent in labour;
    He cherishes those who do what is right.
The Eternal looks after those who journey in a land not their own;
    He takes care of the orphan and the widow,
    but He frustrates the wicked along their way. 

Let’s remember the ‘little people’ since they are not little to Christ.

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