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Prayer for those in fear

Looming on horizon
Tsunami of my fears
Feeling of the hopeless
Turning now to prayers

Voice of desperation
Falls into the night
Arising as a whisper
The Presence of Your light

Fear not my beloved
I’m with you on the way
I will not forsake
With you I will stay

Still my faith be shaky
As challenge now arrives
Weathering the storm
Cling to Lord I strive

But to my amazement
I view an ocean clear
Body of pure grace
Relief in joy appears

Faith though storm is strengthened
As word of Lord stands true
Grateful be this soul
Forever cling to You

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Gathered together
In one place we be
Sharing souls form
A community

Some of the surface
And others grow deep
Something of greater
A bonding here seeps

Together of journey
That we walk along
Need of the quenching
That we here belong

One of the greater
Let focus now see
That God of creation
His purpose it be

Listen to the light

Listen to the light of calling
Through darkness shines, hope installing

Open view to eye of soul
Surrendering of my control

Seeking of the voice of God
Acknowledging this human flawed

Settle now in loves embrace
Receiving here His precious grace

The broken formed into the One
Foundation lay through love of Son

Knowing of this truth instilled
The battle won, promise fulfilled

The only word we need to know
The love He shares, receive its flow

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No one is excluded

Feeling all alone
No hope within the way
Start a conversation
An honest way to pray

Guilt is overriding
Forgiveness out of reach
Turn unto our Savior
Beloved are us, each

A light that’s cast on all
Depths of ocean great
Etch upon your soul
This truth to contemplate

No one is excluded
From mercy without end
Receive it here today
Know that love He sends

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Gift Day Appeal

To all elders from our Treasurer


Dear All
For those of you who missed the Board meeting 
Elders were to pick up their communion cards along with letters and envelopes which are to be delivered together
The Communion cards and letters/envelopes can be picked up this Sunday at church, otherwise please contact Les MacKay to arrange pick up
Best regards



The deepest darkest night brings me fear Lord,
away from the flickering city lights it wraps around me
and makes me feel detached from everything.
But you Lord are with me and I am a child of your light;
a child of your kingdom and valued.


God you are used to your people
complaining and grumbling
making idols
when it seems you are out of sight
We’ve done it all through the ages.
We remove ourselves from you
and then blame you
for not being around.
And there are all sorts of things
to take our attention,
to fill the spaces
All sorts of shiny distractions
that appease us for a while.
But none can take the place of your steadfast love
and your constant care.
So draw us back to you
the source of love and life everlasting.

by Liz Crumlish


Father of all
Your signature is written across creation
You have fashioned us in your likeness
You have made us to rejoice in your goodness
You have called us to live  together in friendship and love
Our souls long to know you
Our minds search to find you
Our thoughts grow weary
In our search for understanding
Breathe  once more upon us
Bring us to life
Give to us the gift of faith
To seek in order to find

Like the wisemen of old
We are searching for our meaning
Reaching out to the stars
Searching for our tomorrow in space
Following the signs
Still gazing
Looking beyond
To the beyond

Draw us closer to you
Speak to us through your Word
Bring to life the sacred text
as it speaks to us in our daily tasks
Your grace abounds to all
Open our eyes to see
Mercy and grace in the ordinariness of life
Jesus Son of the Father
Lift our eyes from the dust of the earth
to see the glory of your heavens in our everyday lives

A Prayer for Paris

Father, we are saddened by the news of the awful massacre in Paris on Friday night.

We pause to think of and pray for those affected. We remember those who were injured, asking that

You will be with the medical staff treating and caring for them.

We pray for those who grieve the loss of a family member or friend. Comfort them at this dreadful

time. We pray too for those who still seek news of a relative or friend.

Lord, be with the emergency services in the aftermath of this tragedy, and the politicians as they

discuss and take action.

Loving God your purpose and plan for our fallen, broken world was to send Jesus as Saviour. As we

approach this Advent time help us to remember that Your purpose still prevails.

Be with us in our time together today. Amen.